What is an Arboricultural Report?


What is an Arboricultural Report?

An arboricultural report is essentially looking at trees, the age, health and potential growth of a specific tree or multiple trees in an area. There are two main reasons to have one done:

– For the preservation of trees

– For property reasons


Firstly we will look at how it benefits tree preservation. To fight the ever increasing climate change it is essential to preserve, maintain, and increase tree coverage. Trees help to clean our air and they produce the essential gas of life, oxygen. By doing an arboricultural report it can assist in your future tree maintenance. You can then remove diseased trees from the area saving your tree population. By having a report done you can assure you follow the law and remove any trees that could potentially pose a risk to people, property, and surrounding trees and shrubs. Your report will include a description of the tree or trees, the species, width and height, the general condition, any visible defects, the retention value, and the age class. It will also include any work that needs to be done and the estimated time of the work that needs to be carried out. A plan will also be provided showing the location of each tree within the surrounding area.




This report can also be required for property reasons. If you would like to apply for a mortgage your bank may request an arboricultural report. This is to find out the potential risk on the pipes and the foundation. Roots can cause a lot of damage as they grow.


The arboricultural report is also important for development sites. By having one done you are able to determine the placement of the entire site during the development design stage. By taking a report of all trees in the surrounding area you can prevent placing buildings in spots that will become damaged down the road.


By obtaining this report you can avoid the council rejecting your plans, saving you a lot of time and money on the redesign. An arboricultural report can only be carried out by a qualified arborist. They must have significant knowledge of the specific tree species that you are needing the report on.


Anybody can obtain an arboricultural report. Schools, local authorities, and private home owners are among the popular clients who access this service. Although there is not many that know or understand this service, it is an extremely important and necessary report that you have a legal obligation to obtain.



Along with this report, you can obtain a tree constraint plan. This is a clear and precise plan that show accurate position and dimension of all trees within the area on the development plans. The tree constraint plan will also have the root protection barriers. This will indicate both above and below ground constraints that the trees could pose on the area. Additionally, the categorization of the tree will be on the plans.


An arboricultural report and all other reports relating to trees are done in hopes of preserving as many trees as possible and reducing the risk to the surrounding Flora, buildings and also people. Because trees are such a large benefit to the Earth we need to preserve as many of them as possible. It takes many decades for a tree to grow. Removing a perfectly healthy, non-threatening tree just to save you money on hiring a professional for a report is careless, reckless, and illegal. Deforestation is a huge problem on the earth so if you can save the ones in your backyard or in your development site you should do everything in your power to do so. All it takes is one person to make a massive difference to the future of our earth.

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