What Clients Should Ask Their PR Agency in Sydney

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What Clients Should Ask Their PR Agency in Sydney

Business clients using the services of a PR agency in Sydney have a great deal to gain.

These special operators focus on driving the brand into the public conversation and increase social awareness through a series of clever strategies and techniques.

Corporate managers in 2019 only have so many resources to utilize and the department of public relations cannot be left to inexperienced practitioners whose skills lie elsewhere.

This is where the method of outsourcing really comes into its own in the commercial sector.

Often seen as an extension to various marketing exercises, these firms across the city from Bondi to Surry Hills, Neutral Bay to Rozelle and Newtown to North Ryde know just what it takes to build momentum and sales for an enterprise.

As you would be sitting down to have consultations with these operators, it is worthwhile asking some key questions to the agency to see if a partnership would be beneficial and effective.


What Experience Do You Have In Our Industry?

No two operations are the same when it comes to a PR agency in Sydney. Some will have skills that are geared towards the entertainment sector, others with hospitality brands and those who are specialists at building up startup organisations from the ground up. Whatever your industry happens to be, quiz the firm on their experience with similar types of companies to see if they have case studies to relate to. Simply copying and pasting the same strategies from one industry to the next will not necessarily glean the best results, although there will be overlap with some ideas.


What Media Contacts Do You Have?

The greatest skill that a PR agency in Sydney can bring to the table is the idea of maneuvering and influencing key media contacts to get the brand into the public consciousness. Through friendly press in local news outlets, through influencers on social media and with partnerships at key events, these are all ways and means of maximizing a strategy for the benefit of the company. Quiz them about their contacts and how they will look to leverage those media outlets to your benefit.


Who Is Our Point of Contact?

A PR agency in Sydney has a number of different ways they can approach their work, from single operators who are client focused to departments and teams that switch between roles and responsibilities. Establish from the outset who your point of contact is so communication can be as effective and efficient as possible.


What Is Our Role In The Project?

Rather than handing the keys to a PR agency in Sydney and letting them drive, you need to know what role you will have in the public relations strategy. From handing over information at scheduled times to consulting with specialists about brand awareness and outlining where successful and unsuccessful marketing strategies have been implemented, you need to know the parameters you are working under.


What Questions Do You Have For Us?

The final question for a PR agency in Sydney is to flip the script and ask them if they have questions for you. An experienced and certified outlet should come to the table intrigued about your profile, what your goals are and what your experiences have been. This is information that will help to shape their own campaign on your behalf. The more curious the better in this example.



Asking these core questions for a PR agency in Sydney will help to offer an organisation a greater sense of transparency and to lay out the terms of a potential partnership. Businesses in the city are strongly advised to scour the market and do their research, because even the skilled firms might not be able to synchronise their tactics with the brand that is contacting them.


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