The Best Features Of A Busylight

busylight and a laptop in a work station

The Best Features Of A Busylight

Modern workplaces are always on the hunt for effective solutions for common workplace problems. One of the most common issues is workflow, employees in fast moving work environments increasingly struggle to protect their time and find that they are constantly interrupted.

This frustrating issue can reduce productivity and create an unhappy work environment. Luckily it’s actually surprisingly simple to solve, sometimes all you need is a visual signal to tell your colleagues that you’re in the middle of something.

If you’re looking to find out more about how to improve your office workflow then read one below.


What is a busylight?

A busylight is a smart integrated business solution. These handy office additions make it easy to see the status of employees and contribute to a smoother running office.

Busylights are portable, easy to use lights that change colours to alert other office users to whether a colleague is unavailable, available or on a call. They integrate with your existing office environment and software such as Lync, making for a seamless experience.

The devices can be plugged into both desktops and laptops, making them simple, portable and flexible for use in any type of office.


How do I install a busylight?

The cord of your device should be plugged into your laptop or desktop and telephone, the busylight should then be mounted on your monitor so that it is clearly visible. Avoid placing the lamp in direct sunlight or in areas with a lot of heat. Securely attach the box for the device with tape to a safe, level area.


Visible status

One of the best features of busylights is that they give a visible status for employees that integrates directly with their phone and computer and also allows them to manually change their status to indicate when they are in the middle or something or available.

Visible status helps with effective workflow in the office as it stops staff from being interrupted when they are actively working on something and allows them to set their schedule and their days.

Busylights are designed so that they will change the visible status based on whether the user has an incoming call, is in a meeting, actively working or available.

Visible statuses give employees room to breathe and organize their days and keeps frustration levels at a minimum.


Audible alerts

One of the best features of these devices is that they provide audible alerts for incoming lync calls and requests or phone calls and will notify users when they have received a call or voicemail. This is a great feature as it gets the attention of users at their desk, and alerts users to changes that have happened when they’ve been away from their desk.

Audible alerts are an easy, non-obtrusive solution to keeping things on track in your office and help to keep employees attention where they need it to be.


Call handling tools

Another great feature of busylights is that they can be set up for call-handling. It is possible to set them up so that calls will be forwarded directly to voicemail should you already be on a call. You can also set do not disturb times if you are focusing on work, or screen specific calls, so if you’re expecting an urgent call you know it will get through to you.


Multiple designs

A great feature of the device is that there a multiple designs on the market to fit both laptop and desktop users. Models differ in terms of size and brightness, so it’s possible for offices to choose based on what best fits their workplace environment and needs.

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