Questions Homeowners Should Ask Providers of Café Blinds

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Questions Homeowners Should Ask Providers of Café Blinds

Café blinds from Burns for Blinds have been enjoyed by cafes, restaurants and all manner of establishments on street corners for years.

By taking advantage of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) materials, these transparent awnings allow owners to trap the heat and avoid any exposure for patrons whilst not compromising on aesthetics or impacting overtly on the surroundings.

In many cases it is the best of both worlds, so why should they only be limited to stores and shops?

As homeowners enter the market and look to leverage these benefits for their own premises, there will be some key selling points that differentiate the brands.

Some will be more appealing than others, but the trick is to know what features to look out for.

Are There Items That Suit Our Budget?

Depending whether or not the café blinds are motorised or manually operated, and how they are designed with various materials, the price tag can swing wildly from one end of the spectrum to the other. That is before size is even calculated as per the quote. It is advised that consumers enter into these stores with a slightly lower figure in mind than they are willing to spend and sourcing a product that matches that figure.

Are There Items That Suit Our Setting?


The diverse array of options that can be acquired through café blinds make for an enticing exercise, but they have to be suitable for the setting. If they are situated and installed for an outdoor patio, that can create a need for a durable material that is weather resistant to withstand strong winds, rain, hail and extreme heat. For shoppers in this type of market, they will often bank on synthetic materials to provide maximum protection and ensuring an easier clean. There are other models that cannot match the same level of durability, but they will offer an organic aesthetic for an indoor setting that provides a transparent view of the outdoor area into the garden.

How Do We Best Clean and Condition The Product?

Given the harsh weather conditions that can be exposed to these items, it makes the cleaning process all the more important to consider. By speaking with an expert provider, shoppers can gauge what products and approaches can be applied to ensure that it remains as durable as possible. This can feature anti-static plastic cleaner, silicone spray or various lubricants that lets the owner open and close the blinds at their own discretion.

What Happens During Installation Process?

Homeowners need to be informed about the business and how they will look to have the café blinds installed on site. There can be time pressures and scheduling conflicts involved with these projects. Ensure that family members are available and ascertain when they are booked in and what they will require to make the installation a success.

Can We Have Contact Details of Installers?

It is always beneficial for homeowners to have the contact details of the installers who are implementing the café blinds for an indoor or outdoor setting. In the event that the professional operators are delayed or there is a delay that is caused by the consumer themselves, these specialists need to be notified in order to reschedule. Having to go through the switchboard via third parties in customer service is not a pleasant experience, particularly for those in a rush.

What Type of Warranty Is Included?

Given the different types of brands that are sourced through café blinds, some outlets will like to include a warranty for insurance purposes whilst others will simply avoid the inclusion and look to lower the retail price as their enticement. For major investment at the high end of the market with café blinds, customers should ensure that they receive a warranty agreement that protects the purchase for at least the initial period of use.

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