How Shiseido Hair Straightening Gets Results For Clients

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How Shiseido Hair Straightening Gets Results For Clients

Hair styles come and go depending on fashion trends, suitability and other subjective factors.

One of those styles that has found its way into the Australian mainstream is Planet Hair Shiseido hair straightening, a method that uses a thermal reconditioning process that is complimented by a glycolic acid-derivative.

By disrupting the natural bonds, the solution is able to be flattened and become straight.

That might be the basic 101 explanation of this application, but what are the results for clients and is it worth the money?

We will open this discussion and identify its chief selling points.

Saves on Multiple Salon Bookings

A major frustration for many clients when they book in at their local salon is the continued need for conditioning and maintenance. This creates time pressures as it is not always easy to reserve time amid a working week to engage in these services. Shiseido hair straightening on the other hand is a ‘one and done’ method where customers can make an annual or twice annual visit. That saves the consumer time and money, allowing them to enjoy the end result without stressing about the process of achieving that Planet Hair Shiseido hair straightening look.

Affordable Treatment

Independent judges and websites who take into account the various treatments from hair salons will all indicate that Planet Hair Shiseido hair straightening is one of the most affordable in the market. Like any style there is a sliding scale that will be dependent on the type of solution applied to the hair and added extensions and colours, but it is well and truly a look that can work within the budget of any client that walks through the door. Those individuals who spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars monthly to achieve a healthy glistening appearance are simply churning through their income in an unsustainable fashion.

Made to Last

Would it sound drastic to state that Shiseido hair straightening offers a great cut that stands for 6 months without interference? Unlike its sister treatment with Brazilian straightening, this is a method that goes beyond the regular 3-month timeframe to double that lifespan. This is the type of durability that gives clients tangible bang for their buck. Women are informed to avoid washing or altering the placement for up to 3 days to ensure that the molecular structure is successfully altered. Following that timeframe, it will be conditioned perfectly.

More Market Choice

10 years ago it would have been a major challenge to find a reliable provider of Shiseido hair straightening. Even in dense city centres, this was a practice that was considered somewhat on the fringe as mainstream outlets would focus on Western styles and techniques that they have been taught and educated. Fortunately with the growing trend branching out to different markets across metropolitan centres, suburban communities and even rural locations, customers have more power to opt for a variety of straightening outlets. The greater the competition – the higher the rise of the standards for the practice and the industry.

Looks Fantastic

Any of the models who showcase themselves in glossy magazines and photo shoots are made to look perfect, whether they utilise Shiseido hair straightening or not. But the key results are found with everyday clients who receive a radiant aesthetic that glistens in the sunshine and genuinely pops – from up close or at a distance. Those women who have a big event coming up and want to look photogenic or simply want to change things up and have a fresh style for the spring and summer months could do far worse than embracing what this Japanese practice can offer.

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