Common Questions People Ask Regarding Occupational Therapy For Children

Common Questions People Ask Regarding Occupational Therapy For Children

You’ve heard of occupational therapy (OT) for children but do you actually understand everything that it entails? Many people who look into this service have a lot of burning questions that they desperately seek the answers for.

The term has been thrown around a lot with little known of what the benefits actually are. To help you understanding what it is and the various benefits that it can offer your kids we have a list of the most common questions that people ask when looking into occupational therapy for children.


child with down syndromeWhat actually is OT?

To break down the fundamentals of occupational therapy for children, it is a program that is designed to help kids reach their developmental milestones. At its core, OT works on your kid’s skills and honing them to help them reach the next stage in their developmental process. For little ones who have experienced delays due to a physical or mental limitation, doing even the most basic of daily tasks can become very difficult and stressful.

Occupational therapy for children works are helping your little ones get the skills they need to do these tasks as well as function normally on a day to day basis. OT helps refine and give your kids skills related to their cognition, motor skills as well as their sense of self and self-esteem.


Who is OT targeted at?

Many people can benefit from OT but there are some key conditions that greatly benefit from this program. You should speak with an occupational therapy for children provider if your child has any of the following conditions:

  • Developmental disorders such as ADHD and autism.
  • Physical disabilities including; birth defects, traumatic injuries, amputations, cerebral palsy, broken bones, serious burns, spina bifida and chronic illnesses that affect motor functions.

This doesn’t include every single condition that would benefit from OT so be sure to consult with a medical professional for their opinion on the developmental growth of your child.


What can OT help with?

So you know what OT is and who it can help but the next logical thing to understand is what it can actually help with. There are many skills that OT can help with including the following;

  • Improve fine motor skills such as writing and grasping
  • Improve coordination skills – hand eye coordination is a big thing to be addressed for a child who has a disability. Occupational therapy for children can help improve coordination sills to the point where they could be able to play sports.
  • Behavioural issues – kids with negative behaviour can greatly benefit from OT as it can help stop these tantrums and reinforce good behaviour.
  • Equipment needed for your offspring – Some kids require additional equipment to help them live up to their potential. OT programs can help identify which equipment is needed and how it can help.
  • Day to day tasks for survival and quality of life – Eating and washing are very important skills for kids to have. OT can help develop these skills if your child is struggling with them.


How do I find OT care?

If you have read through this article and think that your offspring would greatly benefit from OT you’re probably asking yourself where do I find this type of care? To begin you should sit down with your family doctor and ask for a referral. They will have the appropriate connections and should be able to push you in the right direction of a good provider.

Additionally there are many online resources such as blogs and forums that are great for people who would like to learn from another family’s experience and the provider that they went through.


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