An Introductory Guide To The Proper Use Of Scaffolding


An Introductory Guide To The Proper Use Of Scaffolding

It’s common knowledge that construction sites are dangerous places. Even when the site is filled with experienced professionals and every precaution is taken, there is always an unknown element that demands constant vigilance from everybody at work.

One of the most prominent dangers that construction workers face is working at heights. Workers in metropolitan Queensland would then be very familiar with using a form of scaffolding in Brisbane.

It’s critically important that this kind of temporary platform is both positioned and erected in a safe manner under the supervision of qualified experts. Failing to take the necessary precaution and watch for signs of danger could result in injury or even death, not to mention a delay in the progress of the work being attempted.

Therefore, it’s essential that you have a proper working knowledge of how to implement scaffolding on Brisbane construction sites. Let’s take a look at some of the information you need to be aware of.


What are the potential risks?

The first thing you need to understand is the risks that are involved whenever you choose to erect a form of scaffolding on Brisbane projects. If the platform is not installed to the necessary standard and is not being supervised by a certified expert then there is a risk to both your workers and potentially the surrounding public.

If someone gets hurt because of your negligence in erecting the platform correctly or establishing safety protocols, you will very likely end up legally liable for the damages. It’s safe to say that a lawsuit like that is something you would definitely want to avoid.


How to prepare


Before you rush to start building a set of scaffolding on your Brisbane construction site, there are a few things that you need to do beforehand. Firstly, you need to draft contingency plans and prepare risk assessment documents that detail the specific risks of erecting this kind of platforming.

You need to make sure that you have successfully identified all hazards that could possibly manifest while using the platforming and establish measures in order to cancel out or reduce those risks. This means you will have done your due diligence before erecting the tower.


How to keep them maintained

If the scaffolding on your Brisbane construction site is larger than 4 metres, there are some essential rules you will need to take into consideration. Anyone who plans to use the platform needs to obtain confirmation in writing from someone who is qualified as ‘competent’.

Also, your platforming needs to be professionally inspected every month. If an accident does occur, the platform can no longer be used until the problem has been inspected a properly rectified. It will then need to pass another risk assessment before it can be used again.


What kind of platforming should I use?

When selecting a type of scaffolding for Brisbane construction projects, you have a lot of choices you could go with. Of course, some types of platforming are more appropriate than others for different types of work.

For example, if you are doing low-level work then a lighter form of platforming would be more appropriate as it can be easily moved around to different areas as needed. When the work is particularly intense and is going to take a while, you will want a sturdier and more permanent solution that can support a lot of weight.

It’s clear that using scaffolding on Brisbane construction sites is a process that involves a great deal of preparation and vigilance to ensure to safety of everyone involved, including any bystanders.






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