3 Reasons Why Sustainable Recycled Roof Tiles Can Save The Planet From Destruction

3 Reasons Why Sustainable Recycled Roof Tiles Can Save The Planet From Destruction

3 Reasons Why Sustainable Recycled Roof Tiles Can Save The Planet From Destruction

With all this talk about emissions and carbon neutrality, it can get a little disconcerting to even grasp the concept of what is and isn’t sustainable. It’s not as if people are indifferent about doing their part for the planet, there just seems to be so many options and avenues of approach that it can all get convoluted before it even starts. This is where recycled roof tiles have made their mark in the fight against climate change and wastage in general.

Recycled roof tiles, also known as ‘reclaimed’ are as their name suggests – they are re-usable pieces of a torn down or renovated building that can be refurbished and re-utilised instead of being thrown into the growing landfills to be reclaimed by the grounds over the next few millennia.

There are some very good reasons to consider recycled roof tiles for your next home project, not only for the environmental aspect, but also in the potential historical significance that could be lurking beneath it. This article will cover the fundamental reasons for you to consider them for your own home, as well as why they’re small steps towards a greener world.

1.    Use – Re-Use – Repeat

The fundamental element of recycled roof tiles is in its obvious usability, or rather, re-usability. There is something intrinsically wholesome and holistic about recycled roof tiles – especially in the fact that they’re still quite sturdy for several years with a little care and adjustment. Furthermore, there is a reduced wastage component insomuch as the more reclaimed materials are used, the less demand there is for new products that are created with limited materials.

There’s actually quite a market for recycled roof tiles, with many of the rarer examples and materials being snapped up rather quickly by studious DIYers and builders alike. This seemingly endless tirade of use and re-use can be a direct component in reducing waste which is the foremost reason it is a small, but impactful step to saving the world.

2.    Quality That Doesn’t Degrade

Sustainable recycled roof tiles

As we’ve mentioned earlier, recycled roof tiles are quite sturdy and strong by nature. As they’re built to sustain heavy environments and rapid weather changes, they’re typically enforced with some quality craftsmanship and longevity from the get-go and a few years or a sudden change in aesthetic doesn’t depreciate their value or consistency by a significant margin.

For this reason, the case for using recycled roof tiles becomes stronger and more definitive as builders and homeowners have a wide variety of unique choices from buildings that have undergone refurbishment and need to sell off their old materials to make way for their new ones. The lower overall cost is also a major factor for people opting to join the recycled roof tiles camp, with the ever-rising costs of property and building in Australia, looking for any means of slicing the budget down is always occurring.

3.    Historical Importance

When purchasing your materials new and straight from the manufacturer, you’ll get a shiny new product for sure, but there will be no story behind it. Recycled roof tiles could actually come from anywhere, a historical home that has kept people warm and secure for generations, or perhaps they came from another location that has a story behind it.

While the weather may have worn away at the original colour, a little maintenance and care brings back recycled roof tiles to their former glory – plus with the weight of some historical significance.

Doing your part for the planet while keeping your home looking fresh and unique has never been easier, start searching for yours today.

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